Saturday, June 14, 2008

Memoirs of a crazy childhood....Chapter 5

I remember my mom looking out the window waiting for my father to come home, I was probably around 4 years old.  She would make dinner and wait.......sometimes I think she waited a long time.  There were times that I remember feeling sad because she was sad.  Not until I was an adult did she explain to me that my father had a gambling problem.  She never said a bad or mean thing about him, it was up to us to form our opinions of him.  I wish more people were this way. She would always tell me how talented he was as a musician, that he could walk down the street on his hands, he was an incredible author, and that he always made her laugh.  Now I see, she was the epitome of class.  He hurt her, he hurt me, he hurt us, and she never said a bad word, just that he had to leave.  I am sure she waited a very long time at times.  The days of him not coming home eventually ended.  I later learned that he hocked my moms jewelry and there was only one car, which he took also.  Nice, leave your wife and children, one of which had special needs, stranded in Reno Park without a vehicle.  I will tell you later about that day, as I remember it. What I do remember now at this time, was my mom smoking a cigarette waiting in the kitchen of our trailer watching out the window for him to come home.  Sometimes, you just have to walk away.

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Perry said...

I still want to follow your lead on the childhood blog. What a great idea. Interesting entry today. That what does not kill us makes us stronger, yes?

On a side note, and sorry for the reply delay, but we are not able to meet up for a ride the 4th weekend. We will be camping at the coast (sans bike) quite a long way the opposite direction from Bend. Would have been fun though!