Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ahhh True Friendship........

This weekend I got to enjoy a two day bachelorette party.  There was lots of  drinking, shopping, fun in the sun, eating and LOTS of hilarious moments, but "What Happens on Tour, Stays on Tour...."  So I am going to tell you some of my funnest memories of  "True Friendship" that you would not see at any Bachelor parties.......

  1. Not getting angry when "she" throws food at you for no reason.
  2. Helping up a brides maid when she falls through a Styrofoam cooler and is sitting in ice in the middle of the beach.
  3. Telling your friend she has a seat protector stuck to her butt as she is walking down the beach at 2 in the afternoon.
  4. Holding hair back behind the garbage cans while "she" is vomiting at the beach.
  5. Carrying "her" piggyback to the car at around 4 in the afternoon from the beach because "she" can no longer even stand up, let alone walk.
  6. Feeding "her" pizza while she is comatose so she quits dry heaving.
  7. Getting in the shower with her to sober her up because she has vomit and sand all over her.
  8. Helping her find her ring because she can't!
  9. Going to get her food to try to revive her and bring it back to the room.
  10. Coming back to the room to get her after her miraculous "recovery"  then spending the next hour and a half looking for her ring AGAIN while she sits on the floor in tears, then finding it in the next room behind the dresser somehow.......hmm?
  11. Breaking a chair in the bar......together.
  12. Hiding the knife that fell out of the guys pocket a girl was wresting on the beach in the sand for safety reasons.
  13. All of us standing up for the brides maid who hid the knife and got called a C^#* because she threw it across the beach away from everybody.
  14. The girls who took all of our tequila shots like a champ from those of us who were not drinking.
  15. Sharing a blueberry muffin for breakfast to save on calories.
  16. Holding on to the girls who could not walk straight so they could.
  17. Allowing a girl you just met to borrow your evening bag because there is no way in hell you are going out because you just can't keep up and it is passed your bedtime.

   18.  The designated drivers for the weekend.


Mom said...

You are truly a good friend. I sure hope that they all appreciate you!

Bubba said...

How do you know I wasn't "her"?

Mom said...

Because. I know. :-)

Chrissy and Jack said...

What a super fun time! I am so jealous!!!