Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tales from the Chair Chapter 12

Back on April 25th I wrote Tales from the Chair Chapter 6.  It was about loving someone much older and involved a client who had fallen in love with someone 47 years her senior.  Alot has happened since I have seen her last.  Her husband is 88 years old and all of a sudden took a turn for the worst.  They took him to the hospital and he has been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease and now can no longer be left alone.  She now has to make sure he is taken care of 24/7 so has put him into an elderly Daycare facility which he is not happy about.  Today was the first time I had ever seen her husband and from experience, (seeing my father get sick and pass away)  I know they age all of a sudden.  Let's face it, her husband is almost 90 years old and she is my age.  When she left, helping him with his walker,  Tita asked if it was her Grandpa or if she was his care-giver.  That made me sad because she truly does love him.  But as she was telling me all that was going on, I could see her broken heart through her tear filled eyes and that she wasn't prepared for this to happen. You of course want to say...."Well what did you think would happen?"  But I remember asking my mom that question when my father left and her response was....."I never thought of that."  I guess when you truly love, you don't.  Sometimes I guess I think too much, but then again maybe that is because I am not in a situation like that.   I know she has a rough road ahead of her, but doesn't love endure these things?


Chrissy and Jack said...

I'm sure he is so grateful to have someone to love him as much as she does. At that age, everyone you know is either dead or uninterested in what happens to you. I hope she knows that she is really making the last of his life special. Yeah, it's hard, but at least he can die knowing he was truly loved, and she can continue living knowing she was truly loved back.

Mom said...

My heart goes out to her. What more can I say?