Saturday, August 23, 2008


Is it every good when your cell phone's your son.......its after midnight?.........Answer........NO!

He's either in jail, or the hospital, or stranded.  This time the hospital, emergency room, again, not the first time, believe me.

Apparently, it is a much quicker route to the car after hanging out with your friends to just hop their fence, instead of walking threw the gate and walking down the sidewalk.

Climb fence, slip, board through bicep and into forearm.  Will make another cool scar to add to his collection.  Thankfully is ran parallel into his arm so it only required 9 stitches.  

Both of my kids have had a run in with wooden fences, at least Stevi only broke her nose and got a fat lip, and looked like Shrek for a couple of weeks after we got all the splinters out of her face.


Ann said...

OMG !! Kids love them to bits, but they worry you to death ! My eldest has moved out to Tucson Arizona, she is 26 married and has our first grandson ( I was a teenage and I still worry, just long distance worrying now.

Chrissy and Jack said...

Funny, I was told the gate was "broken" which is why he hopped the fence.

Mom said...

Good grief. Jason! I love him, but GOOD GRIEF!

madre adoptiva said...

The only thing I can say is... THANK GOD I HAD GIRLS!