Saturday, August 2, 2008


As I am getting ready for tomorrows Garage Sale, I decide I should go through Jay's mess because, he never will.  HOW MANY JEANS AND T-SHIRTS DOES 1 MAN NEED!!!!  I am not kidding you, I have a stack of jeans for sale and work t-shirts (in good condition) that is taller than me!!!  There has to be over 30 pairs of jeans and oh I don't know 50 or so t-shirts.  His closet is still full of golf shirts and dockers, nice jeans, the top has around 35-40 pairs of work jeans and I am guessing 20-25 work shirts.  I got rid of 4 pairs of very nice shoes he says "look gay" and not one Harley shirt in the pile, I did throw one away because it had a hole in it.  His Armoire is FULL  of Harley and Tattoo shirts, at least 50 of them and shorts and nicer sweat/warm-up and sweat shirts........He just had me buy him jeans for work.......HE        DIDN'T        NEED         ANY!..........Anybody want to buys some work jeans and t's?

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Chrissy and Jack said...

I think Jay has more clothes then me, Jack, and Kevin COMBINED!

I so wish I was in Reno to check out your garage sale. Those are my Achilles' heel!!! I could easily spend over a $100 at one. And I've seen your stuff, I am so depressed right now that I am not there!