Sunday, December 14, 2008

Five things I do daily to clear my mind.......

  1. Check my palm many times to see what the hell is going on next.
  2. Read, whether it is the newspaper, a book or magazine, I absolutely have to read to escape.
  3. Exercise or see when I get to exercise next.
  4. Blog, or read blogs.
  5. Accomplish at least a few things off of my written list of things to do, otherwise I stress that I haven't accomplished a thing!

What do you do?  If you read this and don't have a blog, post your 5 in your comments please!


Chrissy and Jack said...

1. Blog 2. Nap 3. Eat food that one day will make me uber fat 4. Play with Jack 5. laundry Yeah, I don't know why but doing laundry is really relaxing!

Mom said...

#1 - Read. Newspaper, magazines, books.
#2 - Put a fire in the fireplace.
#3 - Pet my dog.
#4 - Watch tv
#5 - Read all of my family's wonderful blogs.

Ann said...

Ann,s Top 5 Stress Busters.

1. Get my camera and go, total concentration eliminates stress for me.
2. Run....too tired during and after for stress.
3. Red Wine..... I'll say no more!!!
4. Sitting by the sea watching waves and eating good ol' Fish and Chips.
5. Laughing with my family, they never take me seriously...and stress melts away as we sit drinking tea, giggling like fools !

Perry said...

Stress? What's that?? (I actually don't stress much at all.) But....

*Editing photos
*Hanging with the family