Monday, December 22, 2008

Things always happen for a reason........

Things always happen for a reason.  Sometimes we are not really sure what they are but they do.  We may not always agree with the way things are going, but if life doesn't happen, we wouldn't live it, right?  I am going to be a great aunt. I am not as shocked as some may be, I think I am broken in.  Hello, I was 17 when I got pregnant with Jayson, in high school and completely terrified.  Jay and I struggled many times with financial things, jobs, youth, trying to be adults, good parents and good spouses.  We had to learn
everything the hard way, but the decision we made back in 1986, was the right decision for us.  When Jayson told me he and Chrissi had gotten pregnant, I was a little upset.  I knew Chrissi was ready to be a mom, I knew Jayson was not ready for parenthood at all.......despite what he thought.  But as I said things do happen for a reason.  Chrissi is an amazing mother.  I love Jack just as much as one of my own children, I would die if I couldn't be a part of his life.  I knew I would love that child, but not like this. Along with it comes my love for Chrissi.  She takes such good care of him, I don't worry at all.  Of course I worry for them as far as them making ends meet and little things like that, she and Jayson didn't work out.  That happened for a reason as well.  If they had, things would be alot different than they are and Chrissi and Jack wouldn't have Kevin in their lives.  You see, from the day I was told almost exactly 2 years ago, things have changed dramatically.  Jack is in Bend, Or. with Chrissi and Kevin, happy, thriving and wonderful.  Jayson, he is still growing up.  I love him to death but I do think that for the time being, things are exactly the way life intended them.  So when faced with life changing decisions, just remember, what happens is what should happen, and we all survive, as my mom always says when faced with tough challenges and decisions, "God gives us only what we can handle. " I always say, "What doesn't kill us, only makes us stronger."


Kimmy said...

Thanks Lisa! that really made me feel more calm about my decision and I know I'll be okay! Love you!

Chrissy and Jack said...

I love you so much Lisa. You are the one person who can make me cry instantly. It's amazing.

No matter what, everyone loves Jack. It's not his fault he got chosen to be mine and Jayson's. But I am so glad he is, because everyone loves him. If I were to die tonight, I know that he would have every Reese/Lynch/Barnum willing to take him in a heart beat.

Jack changed me in ways I never knew could be changed. I will never regret Jack, no matter how things are with me and Jayson. I know without a doubt that I can speak for both of us that we both love him dearly and he is the best thing to happen to us.

I wish the best of luck to your niece. I've seen how the Lynch side is with Jack, and I can just imagine how much love this new baby has waiting for him/her.

Mom said...

The new baby will be greeted with open arms and love. I just wish that we could all be closer to help, but we'll help in any way possible.

G.G.(that's great grandma)

Steve Ballmer said...

Merry just a little after Christmas!