Monday, December 29, 2008


"THE LAW OF LYNCH"  That is what we call it.  Kind of like Murphy's Law.......only worse.  What CAN happen WILL happen.  

Jayson and Stevi, excited, on their way up to Boreal Ski Resort to break in  their new snowboards, boots, bindings and snow pants, jackets that they got for Christmas.  Stevi couldn't sleep.  Jumped out of bed, make lunch and a snack pack for her and Brother.  Loaded everything into the car.........SCREAM!!!!!  DADDY!!! SCREAM!!! DADDY!  I thought she slipped on ice and cracked her head open, thankfully no, she slammed her finger in the car door, completely shut it in there.  She will lose her fingernail for sure.  Being ever so tough as she is, pure white and ready to pass out, blood dropping all over the garage floor, on her shoes and pants, she sat down, we cleaned it off, fed her, got her water.  She still wanted to go snowboarding, I think more because she didn't want to disappoint her brother.  They headed out, her stomach  was really upset, so I cut up a couple of cuties for her and fed her as she iced her finger and told Jayson to stop and get her a Sprite and water.  She had some Advil, ice and a package of bandages and Polysporin for the trip up the hill.  

And they are back.  Poor kid, she was so excited, she decided she wouldn't be able to enjoy herself and it is really throbbing, so she is home.



A Mom Anonymous said...

Owie!!!! Poor girl! I hope it heals up fast. Those look nasty!

Chrissy and Jack said...

What a trooper. I hope she feels better!

Madre Adoptiva said...

Aww poor Punkin'.

Mom said...

Poor baby. I only just saw this post today for some reason. Can you download pictures now?