Thursday, December 4, 2008

Two new girls for a great New Year.....

Ha ha,  I met my two new girls for lunch today at PF Changs, they are  both starting on January 1st and are going to share a station for the first 6 months and then we will re-evaluate how well they are building a clientele and see if they are ready to go full time or not.  

  Angela a.k.a. Angie, has been a client of mine for around 3 years, almost 6 feet tall, maybe a size 4, huge breast, jet black hair down to her waist with a hot pink chunk in the front, and sultry Italian eyes.  She is such a knock-out that every time she has been in the salon, if a male is anywhere in the vicinity, they are asking me to set them up, get her number etc.  Well today, lunch was on the "Head Chef" at PF Chang's......that hasn't happened to me ever, her apparently she thought this happened to everyone.  When we walked in all eyes where on her and we had around 5 male waiters attending us at all times, I felt like a celebrity, or should I say a celebrities "friend".  She is 31 and very very sweet to go with her beauty.  A rare find.

     Jeanne is 36 and a single mother of 2 with an adorable haircut and a very cute style.  Very cute as well and a little more serious, I think only because this was the first time I had ever met her.  Our lunch took almost 2 hours and we chatted endlessly about everything, I feel that they will both make a comfortable fit in the salon.   We are all getting together for cocktails and appetizers on Monday evening so that Angie and Jeanne can get to know Christi and Tita before they start to make a comfortable transition into the salon,  I was new once and I know how intimidating it can be.  I am so excited that out of the 5 of us Angie will be the baby in the group, and they were both happy with my "No Drama" policy.  

     The week between xmas and New Years I am going to repaint with chocolate browns and redo the 3 benches we have in leopard print.  Anyone need a cut and color?


Ann said...

Yessssss! get over here now !!!! I am booked in for the 10th with my salon...just need to re-mortgage my house as the cost is eye watering £100....$150 for cut highlights lowlights and coffee (not on my head I how are your prices??
I will not be envious of 6 ft size 4....I will not...the woman is a giant in my eyes, me 5'3'' curvilicious UK 14 .....bloody hell, and many body parts slowly sliding south, thank God for wonderbras, I thank them for there unstinting support !!!

Chrissy and Jack said...

No Drama policy?! I would not fit in!

Bubba said...

Ha Ha, Ann I am right with you, I am 5'2 and 3/4" and wear a very very tight 6 or a comfortable 8, love wonderbras and have to almost be obsessive about working out....oh well, as for our prices, I am not sure the difference between our lbs. and our dollars but with a cut, highlight, lowlight and a glass of wine (complimentary of course) you are looking at between $126 and $ it sounds like we are in the same ball park!

Steve Ballmer said...

We all are dying!