Saturday, March 14, 2009

Super Fun!

What a crazy week, I did however get in five workouts!  Yay Me!  Monday I had to have Stevi at soccer practice at 7:50am, she made the school soccer team, I made it to Yoga, brought Stevi to her doctors appointment to go over her MRI results which basically said that she is growing so fast her muscles can't keep up with her bones, so for now she is taking a break from dance, then Stevi and I went to our quilting class. Tuesday I had to work but before work I got Stevi to soccer practice, then Jay brought her to softball practice so I could get to my spin class after work. Wednesday, get Stevi to soccer practice, go to work, go to my Bosu Circuit training class then freshen up as much as possible to go to my friend Randy's house for a Beijo Purse Party, which hopefully will end up being a great part time job for Chrissi, and yes  I bought a fabulous bag and a wallet, I have been stashing any $5 bills I come across for mad money, so I had some, I actually had to write a check for the tax but oh- well.  Thursday I went to a step class in the morning, then to my dermatologist appointment, met Chrissi and Jack at Mimi's for brunch (thanks Chrissi!) off to Spanish Springs to wash my car with Jack and go look at a rental on Robert Banks Blvd, still haven't heard back from the Townhomes so not holding my breath, and then took Jack to Stevi's softball practice so he could play in the park, pick up dinner and wait for Chrissi to come grab her baby boy for the night because I had to be at work at 6 am Friday. Friday I ended up working from 6am to 8pm but from 1-3 I went to my friend Judy's funeral and then to Brickie's for lunch with my mom before heading back to work, after my last client, who is also a friend of mine, I was invited by her and her daughter to go have dinner with them at Pinnochio's which was a great way to end the day, got home at 10:15 because we took our time with girl talk.  Saturday morning, I woke up to my alarm so I could make it to Spin class at 8:30 and stopped at 7-11 on my way home to grab 3 plain donuts so Grandma and Grandpa had some kind of treat for Jack since Chrissi dropped him off at 10:00.  In the meantime, Jay had to go get Stevi at Skytavern because she went off a jump while snowboarding and someone went over the jump after her, she crashed, he landed on top of her and knocked the wind out of her to the point she blacked out for a second or two.  Now we have Jack, he just woke up from his nap and Tyra is dropping Mashae off at 2;45, Jack is coming to the salon to get a faux hawk for his picture appointment at 4,  we are going back to look at the house around 5, my mom is meeting up at the mall and Shae is staying the night because Stevi is babysitting her cousin for the whole night. Whew, Slumber party!  Tomorrow after Jack leaves, we are going to grab Gary, (Judy's husband) and get him out of the house for a motorcycle ride then dinner. Done, pooped finished.


Madre Adoptiva said...

Oh, I'm exhausted after your week. We loved seeing Jack, btw! So, I thought the townhouse was a done deal? No? Where is the house you were looking at?

Chrissy and Jack said...

Jack puked twice and one of them was a disaster. There were 3 blanket casualties and one sleeping bag casualty. Thank goodness Mary has a washer and dryer at her house!

We'll see you tomorrow! Thanks for taking my boy out so much this week!!! He loves being with Gma & Pappa!

Mom said...

You fit more into a week than I do in a month! You are the Energizer bunny. Um, Lisa? Are those the slides that you were so exhausted from climbing to the top and going down with Jack?