Wednesday, November 14, 2012

1st class for me scheduled!

 With Stevi scheduled to take her driving test, I am optimistic and have scheduled another sewing class.  I haven't had the time to finish a few projects, a shirt, a runner and a quilt, a tablecloth, and lounge pants for all of us, so I actually paid for a day of uninterrupted sewing.  Its from 9-3:30 the last Monday of the month and hopefully I can complete these projects before I start to conquer some more.  A good friend of mine gave me, yes gave me a Serger which I can't wait to use.  So for now, that's my goal, to finish all my unfinished sewing projects.....One day a month of no phone, no work, no driving, nothing but sewing.  I'm I a dork....probably...Oh and Guoda....don't plan on your Christmas stocking I started knitting..... I don't think it will ever be finished........See if Liz will knit one for you ;-)


Elaine said...

Where the heck did you girls come from? Where did I go right?

Lisa Lynch said...

Want to take a class with me Mom?