Sunday, November 11, 2012

Bonding 101

Xtreme Allstar Cheer Squad 2012

Team bonding is a tradition and has been for years.  When Stevi was made Captain of her cheer squad, the first thing she said was "We need a bonding party".  And she was right.  Last night was a complete success.  Only one girl decided not to come and it is sad because it was definitely her loss.  The girls have not had any time to get to know each other on a personal level, because at a competition level practice, that's all you do is practice.  No personal banter, no laughter, all concentration, all work.

The girls got to know each other , the music they like, all the things that you don't know can put a wedge into a team, the things you learn can weld you together.  They had a few bonding games, blind make-overs, Fugitive to name a couple.  Lost of pizza and soda and laughter.  The most successful sleepover I've ever had at my house.

Our next bonding party will be December 1st... hope the all know how to roller skate!

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Elaine said...

Good job, Captain Stevi! I'm proud of you!