Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday Crazyness

I have never seen my sister like this.

She was on a mission.

Nobody got in her way.

She accomplished what she came for.

It started out at 3:15, I set my alarm for 3:30 but couldn't sleep, due to the excitement and suspense of the morning we had ahead of us.  To my surprise my daughter was laying awake in bed waiting for me to come and wake her.  As I was getting ready to go, I thought I heard my cell phone ring.......It was 4 was my sister.  Oddly she sounded wide awake and told me she was in line waiting for Kohl's to open.......huh, my little sister who would sleep in every weekend as kids and could definitely out sleep anyone in our family.  Oh yeah, she was bright eyed and bushy tailed.  Stevi called her and asked her if she would like us to bring her Starbuck's instead of meeting us there her response.."THAT WOULD ROCK!" .....ok so we did and got to Kohl's got some great deals on clothes and a few toys, then off to Walmart, whoa, she was gone, we literally had to haul ass out of the parking lot to catch up with her then when we arrived to Walmart, she was almost to the front doors at a very quick clip which turned into a run when she saw us.........uh-oh.  Stevi and I quickly parked, crooked I think, and got out and started running to catch up.  We were too slow, by the time  we hit the front doors, my cell rang and she was already in the toys.  So I went with Stevi to electronic to help her get the much coveted DS Special Edition Brain Age.  Only so many for sale and the natives where getting restless.  Whoa, Crackhead central,  my mom would have been hyperventilating if she were with us.  Some lady started to yell at me, yes AT me when I called Liz and said "This is ridiculous there are people pissed off because they have been in line for 2 hours and I am not going to wait in line like this......"  Wrong thing to say, I actually had people yelling at me because I was not willing to stand in line for 1 item, no way.  So we met Liz in the toys and the one item she came for was completely wiped out, not even a remnant of what was there other than a crooked price sign.  We left not purchasing a thing, it was mass chaos and from what TDH told Liz and what I read in the paper this morning, an employee of a Long Island Walmart was trampled to death yesterday and 8 other people sent to the hospital for injuries.......Is this country out of its ever loving mind?  Are you serious, are these items we CAN NOT possibly live without?  Give me a break, these sick people took a humans life to purchase an in-animate object that was on sale.  Good Lord.  Then we were off to K-Mart to stand in line and wait for it to open, funny, as I scanned the line for my sister-in-law and my nephew, the line started to move and I literally had to sprint to catch up to my sister and daughter, it was moving that fast.  Oddly, K-Mart wasn't prepared at all for this sale, the prices where not marked and the shelves where not all.  Crazy, so we got what we needed and split to Target (which had WAY better deals and is much nicer than K-Mart).  My sister looked at me at one point and said, "I admire your focus!"  Gee.....thank you? Funny thing is the whole time I'm calling my mom saying....."Your daughter is a CRACKHEAD right now!"  She actually had the nerve to ask which one........ummmm duh, the baby in the family, the perfect beautiful one, NOT ME........BUBBA,  apparently I am "focused".  Liz finished before Stevi and I did and went home, then we headed on to Scheel's to finish up and Barnes and Nobles.  Afterwards, Stevi and I went to breakfast at Mimi's and we were home by 10:30.........6 1/2 hours of power shopping, and I am done!  Came home and hung out with Jack before Mama and Kevin came to pick him up to head back to Oregon, started to read my book and passed out on the couch until around 4.  Got up, made dinner, then got killed at Monopoly by Stevi (my little Angel) started to read again and passed out by 9 o'clock.  But hey, I am DONE  with my x-mas shopping, completely done, finished, no more!  And I think my sister and I saw a different side of each other yesterday..........I think we will do it next year!


Ann said...

This is true dedication, you deserve a lovely restful Sunday, I have done zilch Christmas shopping as I would have to bring it out to Arizona, checked baggage allowances ar quite strict with the airline we using, hopefully there will be some goodies etc,left in the shops after black friday, for me to buy

Chrissy and Jack said...

Did you find it was worth it for the bargains, or were things not that much cheaper?

Bubba said...

We found great deals, worth it if you do your homework and only get what you came for!