Sunday, November 2, 2008

Get Stoned - HINDER click title

Even though I was sick yesterday, (and still am, this flu is a duzy)  We had tickets to see Hinder, Trapt, Rev Theory and Smile Empty Souls.....we missed Smile Empty Souls and Rev Theory was awesome, they really rocked hard, Umm Trapt, not to sure about, they were OK.  The lead singer didn't find his voice until halfway into the second or third song.  But Hinder, I love them.  They really remind me of 80's rock,  and for those of you who know me, I am all about 80's rock.  After watching them on stage last night I felt like the lead singers main inspiration had to be Steven Tyler.  Very Aerosmith, from the scarves, to his look and the way he moved.  I have seen Aerosmith in concert and he definitely doesn't give me chills like Steven Tyler does, but I think they are well on there way,  I have their first album and I will definitely buy their second.  The title video I posted "Get Stoned"  is my favorite song by Hinder and was the last song they played. He had pretty much thrashed his voice by then, but during "Lips of an Angel" and "Get Stoned" me and Stevi were standing and dancing and singing............If they are coming your way, it is the Jagermeister Music Tour, and it was a great show, Stevi loved it and was shocked (which made me laugh and think she is so cute) that girls were actually throwing their bras up on stage!  OMG That is so Gross!!

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