Sunday, February 1, 2009

Crank it is..........(pages 405-537)

So now Bree sneaks out of the house because she is GUFN to see Chase who is her knight in shining armour despite the fact that he does drugs as well.  It is sad, but I had often wondered why these high school girls had either gotten extremely overweight or way too thin.  For awhile, when my son was in school, I would look at the girls and wonder how they had gotten so thin.  Now it all makes sense, even the "good" girls, popular girls, smart girls got into the monster.  To keep up with everything, stay thin, be accepted etc.  I keep my daughter as busy as possible and always feel that it will keep her out of trouble, now I know I will keep my eyes open, if she is getting overwhelmed and too busy, we are cutting her schedule back.  For those of us that have young children, I know now after reading this book, it only takes one person to change a life forever, if she had been forbidden to go see her father, she may have stayed clean, or not met the boy, who knows I guess, just always know your children's friends and as annoying as we get as parents, it is our job to be nosy, search rooms, invade privacy. It could change our children's lives forever. My sister knows the author of this book, and she really is raising her grandson now, this story is loosely based fiction on her life and her life with her daughter, sad but true.  Keep your eyes open!  Wow, what an incredible book........Thank you Ellen Hopkins.


Mom said...

Every parent should read this book.

Chrissy and Jack said...

Can't I just stick my head in the sand and pretend Jack will be a perfect angel as he gets older?