Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Mexico State 62-UNR 60

Jay got 4 tickets to tonight's UNR game and we were excited to go, (yeah I know we don't get out much)  so I took Stevi to the mall yesterday and since we never get to do that anymore we had fun and spent a little bit of our hard earned money.  We went to the Silver and Blue store and Stevi got some Wolfpack sweats and a jersey along with blue and silver make-up and face tattoo's (sorry still no camera) , blue mascara and silver and blue beads.  I got a girly wolfpack t-shirt and we got Jay a flex-fit hat.  So we were ready to go with our new UNR dud's and the will to enjoy ourselves.  All day I was feeling a bit down, I don't know if it was the weather or the let down of the last month I have had but I am so glad we went.  I really enjoyed myself getting out and the last 4 minutes of the game were so exciting except that at the very last minute of the game, New Mexico state got a basket that put them ahead and UNR missed 2 shots and then the game was over.  #23 Johnson and #5 Luke Babbitt both were awesome and each scored 14-15 points.  Luke went to Galena High School so it was fun to have a hometown hero.  Stevi looked adorable and let me tell you, I put one of those tattoo's on my face, never ever try to scrub them off, I feel like I gave myself a chemical peel!  BUT, I am smiling!


Chrissy and Jack said...

Glad to hear you got to go out and enjoy yourself! Sounds like it was super exciting!

Per the stocking, I say undo it and start over. No use wasting good yarn, but it looked big enough to store my toddler in!!! =D

We'll be in Reno March 12 - March 16. The 12th & 16th we are driving, but he's all yours basically anytime you want him. I just need him a little bit on the 14th to show him off to my friends. =D

Mom said...

Armon Johnson is a Hug graduate! I'm shocked that you didn't mention that! Too bad they lost, but it must have been an exciting game and I'm glad that you went and had a good time.