Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dang it!!!!

I finally broke down and found a charger for my digital camera at a measly $41, and charged my battery all night.  Armed and ready this morning to start taking pictures again, I put my battery in the slot, turned on my camera and Voila, THIS IS WHAT I SAW!  


Mom said...

What?? How did that happen?? You are going to have to break down and buy yourself a new camera. Take the $41 charger back. Geesh.

Chrissy and Jack said...

If it's just the LCD screen, I can replace it for under $40. Between Kevin and I, we've broken 2 cameras and 3 laptop screens. We just buy a new LCD screen on ebay and install it. Just an idea if money is tight.

But, if you are going to break down and get a new camera, I highly recommend the Nikon D40. We love ours!