Monday, February 2, 2009

Zyrtec vs. Benedryl

I have not been sleeping well and I am exhausted.  Saturday night at midnight I was wide awake and searched the whole house for benadryl.   If I take 2 it puts me out pretty easily and I sleep through the night without waking up 6-8 times.  Couldn't find it anywhere but found the Zyrtec.  It claims it causes drowsiness, figured it must be the same so I took 2.  I fell asleep I think around 3 or 4 Sunday morning.  Not the same.   I was told by a Dr. if I had trouble sleeping to take a couple of Benadryl.  Now I know why he didn't say "or Zytrec"  They are not the same, so don't try this at home!  Yikes, looks like a nap for me during the Superbowl, I am completely sick of football anyways!


Anonymous said...

Carol says, I know what you mean with Zyrtez..I use to take it! I'm not into football at all but did manage to watch the entertainment and won $250! I went to bed at 10:00 and a friend call me saying that he entered me in the pool. Nothing like waking up $250 richer!

Madre Adoptiva said...

I have a cure for your insomnia. Take care of my girls for an entire day. Problem solved! :) Love ya!