Sunday, March 18, 2012

3-5 days to pack up and GIT!

Our landlord has been incredible.  The new place will be ready for us by Wednesday, which has had a rush put on it, by our new landlord, and our current landlord is doing everything in his power to help us move as quickly as possible.
 He came in and looked around and we talked about the washer hose breaking and how it was handled, or not handled correctly and how sick Stevi has been, including the fact that Jay and I have had a weird respiratory issue going on, he not only gave us what we needed deposit wise to get into our new home, he is hiring help for us to move, including 4-5 workers and a U-Haul to get it all done in one day.
 Today the Mold inspector came and got samples of the air quality, took a hamper that I had kept the rags in that unbeknown to me was covered in black mold spore and fuzz and disposed of it and also took samples of the mattresses and couch.  He is coming on Tuesday and pick up all of our throw rugs and area rugs and is taking them to a professional cleaner to get them treated and cleaned.
 I have a list of what I need to do in 5 days, I already contacted both schools so I can get Stevi's transcripts sent to Reno High School, my Mom is coming over to help me pack, they brought us boxes and wardrobe boxes today also to get started right away.
  The amount of time we have to move isn't much but almost perfect.  We are able to move her out of this toxic environment, whether the biggest culprit has been mold or stress,it's being handled and  this week is mid-terms ,so Monday starts a new quarter.
 New house, new neighborhood, new school and hopefully we can find an end to this sudden illness and all the madness and depression that has been happening.  One thing at a time.  Stevi is having her biopsies done on April 9th, so that will give us a definite answer about Celiac's Disease and also her Antibodies and her Immunities are being tested.  That will be 2 weeks into our new fresh and clean environment, so hopefully we can get her off of some of this medication and see our happy, active daughter come back........

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Elaine said...

Your current landlord is so great! I hope that everything goes well for him in the future. He sure deserves it!