Saturday, March 17, 2012

Landlord on his way......

 Jay called the landlord Thursday night after we decided the only way to get Stevi better is to remove her from this environment as soon as possible.  Everything we've been told is to get her out right away.  It's hard when we both work and have been working overtime as much as possible because of all this expensive turmoil.  The landlord lives in California and is coming today.  Thankfully.  We had every intention of giving him the proper 30 day notice but in light of all that has happened over the last 6-7 weeks, and talking to her now 4 different Doctors, the one conclusion they have come up with until her biopsy, is that she needs to be in a safe non-toxic environment.  Jay and I are still sick, chesty, with coughs, mainly at night and as soon as I walk into our home, my eyes, nose start running, the coughing begins.   Thankfully with all the medication Stevi is on, her symptoms are less frequent, she was missed 54 classes in the last 6 weeks due to medical reasons and couldn't cheer the last 2 games and has missed practice this week.  Wednesday night I was up with her until 1:30 because she couldn't breathe and her chest was tight and throat swollen and her tongue felt big and fuzzy.  I know that not all people are susceptible to serious issues with a slight amount of mold, but some are.  The fact that the old carpeting is still in the house and now I have found new mold spore growing in areas that are near moisture just reiterates that when the spore was introduced into the air and the series of events with illness, it is airborne.  We need to move.  Thankfully, as soon as Jay spoke to our landlord and he was made aware that he may have a mold problem, he is jumping into to action....I felt and expressed that the carpeting was so soaked and being so old that it should be wasn't.  Could that be harboring mold as well?  Very possibly.  We do not want to cause any problems for him as he really has been a great landlord.  Jay really likes him and that was part of our tough decision, but our families health is first and foremost.  The new place we found isn't ready but when we told him we may need to move into my Mom's just to get away from this environment he said he would have it ready for us by Wednesday.  Is it an emergency to move?  I don't know...I feel it's essential that  we do.   Stevi goes in for her biopsies on April 9th, and the new school quarter starts March 26th....That really is a week and 4 days away.  With all the research I've done, and I woke up with hives this morning on my ankles... weird, and Jay and I are now coughing up jellyfish again, seems to be more on the weekends when we are home, I think it's time.  We have been here 2 years and had planned on not moving again until Stevi graduated.  As you know, the school out here has been less than impressive and we were really thinking of moving this summer to start her in a better, less populated area.  Reno High has a lot of generational support, even the Alumni still donate money and volunteer at the school and everyone I've talked to, their kids love going there.  God works in mysterious ways and sometimes it takes a minute to figure out what to do especially when all Hell is breaking loose from 10 different directions.  The new house is primarily laminate and tile flooring....knowing how much bacteria and God only knows what else old carpeting can be collecting, that brings me a sigh of relief.  This has all happened so fast, but sometimes you need to just jump into action and fight it head on....step by step...........Today when our landlord comes out he will be hopefully be  testing the area and see how high the percentage in the air is....All I know, is I want Stevi to become normal again, being an athlete that can't even exercise very well and an honor student who has missed so much school, she is doing homework non-stop just to get caught up and never missed school before............We  just want life to get back to normal, move forward.........anyone have any boxes?

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