Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A woman changes her mind....200 times a day!

 Most woman can't make up there mind, period.  Well known fact.
 Especially when it comes to their hair color.  They either don't want to change it at all, or every time they come in the want a different color.
 Now add being a hair dresser, that does hair all day.  I see beautiful variations of blonde's, brunettes, redheads, black hair and multi colored hair.
 For years in my 20's I had just about every color you can imagine, at one time it was very short, with a long bang, black with pink chunks in it, fuchsia pink... that was my favorite, but at the time, I was traveling and doing stage work as a platform artist, so it was the norm in my world.
 I really loved the blond, especially when it was platinum but I am older now and some colors just make you look harsh or like you are trying too hard.
 When I closed Salon Moxie as a group, we all went our separate ways into other salons, it was hard to trade and harder to find a new hair dresser.  I now know why clients become so fiercely loyal, one bad hair cut or color can ruin your day, week, month.  Yes a bad hair day for a woman is that serious, so I just started to do my own hair , cutting and coloring it myself.  Not easy, but I could fit it into my own schedule, on my time, with my formulation and cut it how I wanted it.
Then I found my studio mate next door at My Salon, Michelle Seiffers.  Yup, trust her 100% with my hair, so now I am back to being that fickle woman who doesn't know what to do with her hair because I know she can do what I want, formulate it herself and give me a great haircut as well.  I posted a poll on my wall and the comments seem to be all leaning towards dark rich browns with reds. So now next Friday I told Michelle I wanted Ombre' color and sent her a picture (Ombre' is dark on top and changes color towards the bottom)  So it looks like I will get over trying to be blond and change it up, once again.  For years I stayed in those shades of color, and now I realize, I really just loved having shiny healthy hair.  Blonde's don't necessarily have more fun. At least not this as Marianna said on a comment of Facebook..."You will be down if you go brown..."  Okie Dokie!

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