Thursday, March 1, 2012


 It has finally happened, I'm speechless. Literally.  Trying to balance the weight of the world and the blessing of being packed full with clients this last two weeks at work, trying to get everyone to play nice and make the world a better place and the worries of a family that has suddenly lost their husband and father.  I am now officially sick.  I have been fighting it on and off for awhile and the last 3 nights I medicated myself with NyQuil because my throat has hurt so much and I've been so stuffy.

Stevi has been dealing with a lot of issues with her body and stress as well so her immunities are down and yesterday she asked if she could stay home because her throat was so sore.  I tried to call her in and I'm not sure what they heard on the school answering machine because it came out in segments and sounded like a seal being beaten to death with a club and someone had a mute button to turn it on and off at random just for fun!

Luckily today I am home today so I can rest a bit, the only thing going on today is Stevi's guitar lesson with a new guy, Jeff Montgomery at Bizarre Guitar. It's her first lesson in around 3 years, her electric guitar is too small since it was a junior size and her "Hannah Montana" guitar grandma gave her , well she informed me she is just too old for that.  I wanted to bring it to grandmas for the kids to play with, but I really don't know if it is considered a toy or not?  Stevi has taken care of it, maybe we can put it at Grandmas house on a shelf so the kids can ask to play it is what I'm thinking.  We are saving it for Willow and Sage, but with my sister owning a daycare, not sure if that is a good idea to have it there, although I know my sister is the organizer they write about in books, I'm sure it will be fine.

Thinking about moving, one nice thing about living in a rental is you can do that, although, we all hate having to move again.  This move may be for the best.  For a multitude of reasons, it has not been a great year for us in this area.  You can't run from life, but when it starts to get the better of you, change is good.  We have talked about it and feel that the Old Southwest Reno area, zoned for Reno High School where Stevi has a lot of great friends from athletics live and are zoned for.  I haven't been really impressed with Spanish Springs HS, I have met some amazing people and students, don't get me wrong, but there have been a lot more negatives than positives and I feel that over population may be a big part of it.  A few of my friends have even pulled their kids out to home school or transferred or put their kids on variances for the same reasons.  I want school to be part of a growing and learning experience for my daughter, not a stressful nightmare.  So I am leaving the decision up to her, she needs to think if what she is going through  can be overcome or if it's time to start a new chapter in our lives.  I have looked and as far as rentals go, we can get a lot more house for what we are paying for this one........time will tell, it's not an emergency but a thought.  We will decide as a family.  There are mean people everywhere, but as I spoke to a few of Stevi's friends , it has happened to them as well and it can make life miserable.  Hard to explain because there has been so much going on, but it is excessive out here.  And we moved her to be in a "better" area after researching all the schools........Speechless.........

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