Monday, March 5, 2012


Three Doctors, three tests and answers, three different what to do's.

Doctor #1, "She's tested positive to 100's of allergies....she needs to go see the allergist right way, the blood tests are showing positive to so many things we have a big mess! Put her on Zyrtec every 12 hours and an Epipen to carry with her at all times, stay away from all wheat and gluten, she needs to see a Gastroentrologist to be tested for Celiac Disease."

Doctor #2,  "The scratch test shows some very serious allergies and some intolerance's and is more reliable than a blood test, lets put her on Prednisone , get her another Epipen so she has one on her, one at the nurse and one at home, have her use her Albuteral inhaler and her antihistamines twice a day and on the onset of hives, I'm more concerned with her wheat and gluten intolerance than her food allergies, she's got some good ones that are pretty serious she needs to stay away from but the rest are just intolerance's I believe because of her possible Celiac Disease... so stay away from the Wheat and Gluten the rest should be fine if she stays on her antihistamines."

Doctor #3,  " I'm really not sure what is going on here, she is allergic to everything, pet dander and hair, dust, mold, a majority of foods but the worst are the environmental according to the blood test which I feel is more accurate than the scratch test.  But I can't do the Endoscopy, or Colonoscopy if you've taken her off of Wheat and Gluten, even though her intestines are feeling better, have her back on a regular diet, just stay away from her serious allergens, for a month, then I can do a proper biopsy and we can go from there."

Fast forward to today....Stevi is in bed, nauseous, full of hives, stomach problems, face on I call all three?  I have no idea!!!!?  I called my General Practitioner, AGAIN, and left a message.  I am being told three different things, Ugh!  so confusing.  The Zyrtec wasn't strong enough, we are out of the Hydro cortisone cream (we have one at school) I had to give her Benadryl because it was so bad, so now she's passed out, missing yet another day of school.  At least she can now do her make-up work and her teachers said they will accept it if she scans it and e-mails it to them.  I just want an answer!  We cleaned the house from top to bottom, even vacuumed the ceilings , blinds, everything, have an air purifier going, washed all bedding, vacuumed all furniture.  Good Lord........give me an answer.

And her being stressed out, ads to the problem, Lovely.

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Liz said...

Which doctor was the 3rd? I think I would be more inclined to take the allergist's word on which allergy test is the most accurate and follow their suggestions. Everything I read about Celiac's says that the other allergies come on worse when there are wheat and glutens in the diet because it breaks down the intestinal wall.