Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ace in the Hole

I had hoped to leave for Bend yesterday, however, Stevi's softball team got to go watch the Aces defeat the Portland Beavers 7-4.  It was a fun night, before the game they announced the 2009 State Champion Reno Predators and the girls got to run out onto the field as they announced the players with the positions they played.  It was really neat to see Stevi and Jessica run out onto the field with the first Baseman, his name was Brandon and he ended up hitting two incredible out of the park home runs.  Stevi said he was so nice to them when they ran out with them an told them how great it was that they were State Champions!  Afterwards we stayed and they got autographs, #10 Trent Oultjen, who all the girls were screaming for at the top of their lungs signed the free Ace's Buddies shirt they all got.....I didn't get to see him up close but apparently he is the "Big Deal" to all the girls.  They were screaming so loud every time he did anything that one of the girls' brother was on the other side of the stadium and came over laughing to tell them he could hear them all the way on the other side.  Trent and one other guy stayed after the game to sign autographs so I am pretty sure he heard them as well.  The team was very gracious to the girls and it was a nice evening.  Since the team was so humble and kind, it made me want to go back and see more games.  Good times.  Now


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Mom said...

That is so great that the girls got to do that! Especially since they have to miss nationals.