Saturday, July 11, 2009

Law of Lynch? OF COURSE!

(Law of Lynch #1)  Nationals have been moved to Newberg, Or.  They are the 23rd thru the 26tth of this month, we will not be able to pass through Bend but I hope it's close enough we can see Jack and Chrissi in the time we will be there, that would be awesome! I was hoping maybe they would like to have an adventure and come watch Aunt Stevi play in the National Tournament!

(Law of Lynch #2) Next, one of the moms invited herself not only to drive up with us but to also stay in our room........she is a pill popping ex crack addict........need I say more?  HELP!  A 10 hour trip with her non-stop chatter is going to F-ing kill me!  And she also smokes and doesn't really smell the greatest, not to mention she has been living off the system her whole life and thinks we should use her food stamps to feed ourselves on the trip so she doesn't have to pay for gas or her half of the hotel room....thats how she feels she needs to contribute......WHAT THE F!.........(unless Jack and Chrissi would like to stay over in our room one or more nights, I would have to tell Crack-head we don't have any room.........hint hint)

And( "Law of Lynch"  #3) early upgrade on my phone.........not so affordable!  It will be an $18 upgrade fee on top of the discounted price of $299 for the 3G iphone or $349 for the Blackberry needless to say......I am waiting on the phone, but I am trying to use my warranty for a new Centro since mine is having issues.

But hey.......the kink in my back is disappearing!


Chrissy and Jack said...

Ok, whoe, you thought you were preggo?!?!?!?

Newberg is 3 1/2 hours a way. I will keep you posted if we can make it!

Elaine said...

What happened to the $79 price? How much were Jay's & Stevi's iphones? You need one more than they do. Your whole life is on your phone!

I think that the crazy mom and her daughter should be the responsibility of the coaches if they want the girl to play. Not fair to you! That is WAY too much!