Monday, July 27, 2009

Menu for the week.......

Organizing junkie suggested this in her saving money and budgeting section and it really works.  So now I am back on track.  First step is to go through your fridge and pantry and see what meals you can make out of what you already have on hand......then whatever days I need to fill in, I hit the sales ad and start clipping coupons.  This week with snacks lunch stuff and what I had to get to fill in for dinners, I only spent $90 for the whole week.  That is pretty good for us, half of my budget, before I did the menu plan, I would pretty much shop blindly and end up with too much food, throwing a lot of the fresh produce away eventually.  Try it, it works!

  • MONDAY:   Pancakes with blueberries and bacon
  • TUESDAY:   Salami and cheese sandwiches with fresh corn on the cob
  • WEDNESDAY:   Turkey bolognese with fresh baked 7-up bread
  • THURSDAY: Fettuccine Alfredo with sauteed jumbo shrimp sauteed in salt, pepper, tarragon and oregano, with fresh pressed garlic toast.
  • FRIDAY  :  Spaghetti with mixed veggies in marinara sauce.
  • SATURDAY: Grilled pork chops, roasted potatoes and mixed veggies.
  • SUNDAY:  On your own, left overs, lets clean out the fridge!


Chrissy and Jack said...

Oh! I like it! We always throw away so much food, too.

BTW, Stevi left her pancakes... I ate them. Sorry Stevi! You snooze, you lose, sister!

darnold23 said...

I hope you will come by Dining With Debbie and sign up for Crock Pot Wednesday. Mister Linky is up and waiting for your entry. The first of the three giveaways is already posted. You won't want to miss out on these.

Becca said...

I really need to try blueberry pancakes one of these days :)