Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"A Prince in Heaven"

With heavy hearts we feel sadness, anger and confusion
when someone leaves before we are ready.
 Feeling numb and like zombies we go throughout our day
While a loved ones world has just been turned upside down.

We reach out for just the right words so say with kindness
love and gentleness
Some of us left with nothing  to say at all 
yet we all wonder,  why him?

It wasn't time yet , it was way too soon
he was young with a beautiful wife and family
who loved him with all their hearts,
 He has gone to a faraway place some only dream about.

After the pain has settled to a softness 
and your tears from heaven rain on your family
know that love and prayers surround them
with the kindness and love you once held onto each one of them.

You are now in a better place and not forgotten
neither will your family be
they will be surrounded by friends 
so they feel loved until they meet you again.

Rest in peace.......

It is with sadness that I dedicate this poem to Wendy, Morgan, Myrissa, Austin and Cammy.

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Elaine said...

Beautiful. My heart goes out to the Prince family.