Friday, September 19, 2008

"Bobot" DeBard......Wow!

So it looks like I may have to become a Nascar fan.  Beau DeBard is most certainly on his way.  His proud Mama is kind enough to keep us up to date on his racing and he just got second place in an older NASCAR model car.  The team owner received first place.  I am sure he is just as ecstatic as his family over his "Pole". 

On September 13th in Irwindale, Ca.  in only his second race at the high banked Toyota Speedway he took a second place.  Even though he received a second, he actually had the fastest lap time of 19.05.  At the start of the race the car behind him jumped the gun and hit him from behind, but since Beau is a seasoned racer at the Roseville short track, he held onto his #51 car and did just fine.

NASCAR fans or not, how fun is it to have a handsome young local to route for!  I saw that little boy in diapers, now I am looking forward to watching him as he finishes out the 2008 season with a race in Tucson, Az. against some of the top NASCAR Cup Drivers........We'll be watching you Beau, all the way to the finish line.



madre adoptiva said...

That's so cool!

madre adoptiva said...
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Ann said...

I dont know about nascar ??? We have Formula 1, but hey !!! my eldest daughter lives in Tucson, being a Brit, I doubt she knows what Nascar is, but I am going to tell her, because it looks like great fun, and best wishes and lots of luck to Beau.