Monday, September 1, 2008

Mmmmmmm Blue Diamond Almond Breeze! Yum

I made the most delicious dish last night it consisted of fresh shrimp sauteed in peanut oil and Thai Red Curry Paste while that is sauteing, you mix in a bowl Lemon grass powder, lemon zest, chopped shallot, 3 chopped scallions, 2 chopped red peppers, lime zest, lime juice, brown sugar and cherry tomatoes, then you toss it all together and Walla, you have a delicious healthy shrimp salad.  

    Since I made a healthy dinner and I have cut sugar out I saw these Almond Breeze dessert drinks in Chocolate, Vanilla and Original in the Natural Foods section at Raley's, 1g. of Carbs, I'm in!  I love Chocolate, only 1g of Carbs and Almonds are so healthy for you.  So my mom(she was one of my dinner dates) being as adventurous as I am, and I poured some in a glass over ice for dessert after dinner, while Jay and Stevi made Mountain Dew floats with French Vanilla ice cream.  I was excited for the chocolate so naturally I didn't wait and went first,.................hmmm, let me try that again, I didn't really taste anything, gulp,  nothing, maybe our taste buds are fried from the spicy dinner, hmm, "Mom, taste that......"  blank or should I say bland look on her face...."Nothing"  It literally tastes like water, brown water with 45 calories, yet the packaging boasts......Luscious Taste! Smart Choice!  The Preferred Taste Alternative, Smooth and Creamy AND only 45 calories per serving.

    I think I got ripped off, my mom asked me how much I paid for it and I was so excited at my find, I didn't even look at the price.  $.50 would have been too much, but I assure you it was more than that, after all I was at Raleys.


Chrissy and Jack said...

Yummm! Flavorless brown water rocks!

Ann said...

Hmmm, Sounds very similar to Slimfast or as I like to call it strawberry flavoured cardboard! YUK!

Mom said...

I even tried a little ice cream in it to boost it up. Nope! Nothing could boost that brown water. Maybe some vodka or gin? It would just ruin the vodka and the gin I'm afraid.

Steve Ballmer said...

I like the Vanila, wish they had bannana.