Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lucky Shamrocks Rock!

Today we had the Lucky Shamrocks over for our Banner Building BBQ party.  What a great way to get to know the other girls on the team other than  how they play soccer.  The Soccerfest is Saturday and today they worked on their banner for around 2 hours, it is green, sparkly and has lots of lucky shamrocks on it.  They banner competition is at Soccerfest and they teams are supposed to create their own banners without help, so we let them have a ball all the way down to hand sewing the green bells and skulls and crossbones on the felt banner.  We will be taking pictures at the Soccerfest next Saturday so please keep your fingers crossed.  As a team we are in second place and have only been beaten twice, by the same team, Shane's team who has never been beaten.  They are kind of hand picked but I can definitely say this, our team has really worked well as a team, and after this weekends bonding session, I think getting to know eachother off the field will help them work as a team even better.


Chrissy and Jack said...

Stevi is so active, it is so motivating!!!

Ann said...

Excellent great to see Girls playing "footie", its a big thing over here as is Rugby for girls, have a fun season, you go girls and get those goals rollin' in.

Mom said...

They are a great team! They are the little engine that could. Go Shamrocks!