Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Honey

that is a day I will never forget
With a Snoopy shirt on and Reed Sweats too
from that day forward we were stuck like glue

I'd watch your games in love and awe
I never knew emotion so raw
When I met you, you were the one
Everyday with you made life fun

Our Senior year we made our way
and loved so much we had to stay
A pregnancy made us closer yet
We kept our son even with the looks we'd get

I'm sure they thought it would never work
After 22 years we can look and smirk
We've had our ups and downs and trials too
But no one can love the way we do

You are the one till death do us part
we have made our love into an art
So on this day Happy Birthday to you
The first day I saw you I guess I just knew....

I love You.


Mom said...

Aw. That was sweet!

madre adoptiva said...

Awwww... gosh, you're talented!

Ann said...

Thats so nice....22 years together fantastic, Happy Birthday to your husband, hope you have an extra special day (and that your feeling better) with very best wishes from me and my girls over here in the dreary cold United Kingdom......x

Chrissy and Jack said...

You two are amazing together.