Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tales from the Chair Chapter 14

The names have been changed to protect the children involved....

Nice quiet evening in Tammy's neighborhood,  she and her son Tommy decide to enjoy each others company and do a jigsaw puzzle together so Tammy pops open a cold beer, Tommy a soda.

Time goes by and they hear the neighbors house getting noisy outside so Tommy looks out the front window and says "If they hit my truck  I am going to kill somebody!"  Tammy replies, "What's going on outside?"  "There is a party outside and it looks like there is a fight going on in front of our house!"  Tammy jumps up and looks outside and what she sees are 3 huge Tongan boys beating the tar out of a skinny little white boy who looks 13 or 14 years old.  She is scared so she calls her husband Tom, who is by no means a small man and tells him he needs to get outside and help that poor boy!  Tom, Tammy and Tommy head outside and the Tongans take off but the skinny white boy is completely unconscious and has blood all over him and coming out of his head.  There is a completely out of control party going on next door and fights all over the street, so when skinny white boy starts to moan and groan, he starts to cuss Tammy out in a drunken, drug induced stupor.  She tells him to calm down, she is a mother who is trying to help him he got beat up.  Meanwhile Tom calls 911 and drunk kids are jumping into cars to avoid the police.  She asks skinny white boy what he had to drink and if he had any drugs so he gave her a list that went on and on.  When the paramedics came they got a hold of his mother.  She shows up ready to fight Tammy for calling the police and ends up getting arrested because she is on something as well,  they skinny white boy ends up being a 14 year old and the mother a crackhead who is in the back still cussing out Tammy in handcuffs, I am assuming he has a mouth on him as well and that is why he got the crap  beat out of him.

The police go inside to break up what is left of the party inside and find the teenage boys responsible for the party.  Both live there, one is 18 the other is 13, the parents are in Napa for a relaxing weekend.

Then the 13 year old confesses to the police that their 9 year old brother is upstairs in the closet, passed out because he drank too much Jack Daniels.  Turns out he is in an alcohol induced coma and ended up in the hospital for a week with severe alcohol poisoning. 

The parent arrive home from their relaxing weekend to find all this, they didn't answer their cell phones because they needed a break from the kids, kids are in the hospital, jail and juvenile hall.  Tammy runs over to talk to mom to tell her what is going on and the mom is very angry, that Tammy called the police for one and her boys are in jail.

Skip ahead a week.  Tammy feels that the mom was obviously in shock so she heads next door to see how the 9 year old is, he is out of the hospital but had some serious problems going on, Tammy asks how the older boys are and if she killed them thankfully they are still alive but she did take their cell phones away for a week. Yup you heard me, tough love right......WHAT THE F!!!!


madre adoptiva said...

What is that picture from? You know, it just freaks me the hell out that this is what our future holds for us. Parents who "don't answer their cell phones because they need a break from the kids" and kids who take full advantage of that. Ugh.

Chrissy and Jack said...

This is so sad. I use to be pro-life until I read this. Now I am pro-choice due to all the bad parents and bad children you just talked about.

Mom said...

That is one tough and responsible mother! No cell phones for a whole WEEK?? Somebody should report her to CPS!

Ann said...

Is it nature or nuture ? my opinion is no child is born bad, but bad parenting is resulting in a generation of children, who know no boundaries & have no respect, its very sad, being a parent is tough it never ends, once you have a child you are there for them 24/7
for the rest of your days, I thank God my parents, showed me unbounded love, respect, fairness, and support, and at times their strictness drove me crazy, but as a mother now I can see why, and I love them for this, and I in turn pass this to my girls, a huge legacy of love and support, that some parents seem unable or unwilling to give to their children.

lilly said...

holy crap.... that's just wild!