Thursday, September 18, 2008

Things that make you go..."What the F^(#!

Picture was Wednesday I had a day off which was a pretty leisurely day for once, all I had to do yesterday was A. Get Stevi to School with her Cello after getting her ready for picture day B. Finish Liz's reversible skirt for her birthday, which turned out fabulous I may add C. Drop Skirt off at Liz's house. D. Get to pedicure appointment by 10am and pick up a protein shake at Purple Bean Coffee shop first. E. Get to my Ball Blast Class F. Pick up Stevi from school at 3:30 G. Get ready to go to dinner for Jays 41st Birthday H. Bring Stevi to soccer practice @ 6 pm I. Get to Sterling Steakhouse for 7:30 dinner reservations. J. Clean house when I get home.    Piece of cake day right?

K, here is where the day gets, let's just say........odd?

I'm very relaxed from my pedicure, I have had my protein shake and am ready to go get my work out in, so happy I don't have a lot of crap going on today so I don't have to speed from point A to point J.  I am driving from the point D. (pedicure appointment) and going under the Interstate 80 over pass at Keystone when I see a nicely dressed woman, in heels and a dress, with tidy hair in a bun with a purse walking under the over pass, a nicely dressed black man in business attire with a black briefcase is walking at the same clip approximately 20 steps behind her.  Both seem to be minding their own business.  All of a sudden, out of the blue, the woman stops in her tracks, lifts up her dress, and appears to have NOTHING on underneath, and straightens her legs as she grabs her ankles.  Just as casually the man stops, puts his briefcase on the sidewalk and squats down, cocks his head and takes a look at what she is showing him.

She then straightens up, smooths out her dress and keeps walking, not a word exchanged.  As if in a dance, he picks up his briefcase as he stands back up and continues to walk the required 20 steps behind her, I am assuming to their destination.

People......IT WAS NOON ON WEDNESDAY!  Lots of traffic and broad daylight.

Does anyone else find this odd? Amusing? Oddly Amusing?


Mom said...

Why, no! I don't find that odd at all. Happens everyday! I just find it odd that he didn't expose himself. You are, afterall, the penis magnet!

Ann said...

That is odd indeed, and very un-ladylike, but I guess it made his day !!!! LOL

Chrissy and Jack said...

And that is reason #432 why I moved away from Reno.

Sianne I Am said...

Hey Lisa, Sorry I havent been reading ur blog lately. I havent raelly had the time. I havent been commenting/reading anyones. But I promise I will.... eventually....
Just didnt want you to feel like I wasn't interested anymore.