Sunday, January 11, 2009

Crank it is..........(pages 1-135)

I couldn 't put this book down, what an incredible read!  It is so sad that this little girl wanted to see her Daddy so bad she was willing to look passed his indiscretions and not listen to her Mothers warnings about going to see him.  From the time he picked her up at the airport until the day she went to work with him at the Bowling Alley, it was obvious she had no connection with him at all.  She should have gotten on the first flight back home to her safe comfortable life.  Bree, Kristina had a world of first's ahead of her.  Too bad it was only a cute boy that peaked her curiosity and she needed his acceptance.  And her Dad........nice.  Sad thing is, this sort of story happens everyday!


Mom said...

I couldn't limit myself to 135 pages. I picked it up New Year's Day (Thursday) and finished it on Sunday. It sucks you in just like meth. Totally addictive. You just want to SCREAM at her!

Chrissy and Jack said...

So, I'm a little behind in commenting... sorry! I just finished with Crank. Not a fan to be honest. I think the book had so much potential but the way it was written just irritated me. The story itself I liked and was interesting. Just not the two-paragraphs-a-page part. I felt like it was wasting paper. =(