Sunday, January 18, 2009

Crank it is..........(pages 135-270)

So this boy must have been a champion at manipulation.  We have all met him in our lives, Buddy is every parents nightmare, now he is working Lince and Bree to the point of drug obsession, and they are feeling such crazy intense emotions because of the speed.  Lince I feel jumped off of the balcony because she was crazy over him, probably her emotion are more intensified because of the substance abuse she has been doing, hard to believe this innocent young sweet Kristina turned into Bree so quickly because of needing love and acceptance when she had it at home the whole time.  She went from a sweet shy girl to a vixen overnight and I've been to Wild Waters and watched the mating dance of the pubescent teenagers.  It is quite interesting to watch and it does happen that quickly,  sad that a girl will drop all her expectancy's of boys for a drug, now even the bad boys look more appealing. She is still a virgin but acting like a tramp, just to get attention, and to party.  Sad, but this happens every day.  She is pretty good at pretending to be normal, but it is so sad that her Mother didn't notice these changes, in the airport I think she did, however, like most Mother's she was in denial and just didn't want to see what was right in front of her face as soon as she stepped off that airplane.


Chrissy and Jack said...

I'm pretty sure I've dated Adam before. Why have one girl when he knows he can have both? And the girls are so stupid because they are letting him do it. It makes me crazy. The tattoo thing though is so funny. I have a home-made heart tattoo made by a certain aspiring artist like Kristina. I was like, OMG, what were we thinking!? At least mine didn't get infected.

And thank you for the diapers! I'm so happy!!! How do young mothers live these days, you ask? We marry guys like Kevin. I couldn't do it without him.

Bubba said...

You definitely got an awesome, amazing man, I am forever thankful for that, believe me, I love him so much, because he loves you and Jack so much!