Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Eye can't believe it!

After my purchase on Saturday at LensCrafters, I tossed and turned all night over it and ended up with a huge knot in my left shoulder/upper-back area.  It was the price.  I have always had insurance and a couple of years age when the economy was booming, I probably would not have batted an eye over the $508 price tag on my new "bifocals" (trying to get used to saying it may soften the blow), but with the economy the way it is and everyone trying to be more sensible with our money, I was just sick over it.  So I started to Google the exact frames and lenses I had purchase and found that all in all, I could have gotten then for around $100 cheaper.  I called LensCrafters and told them I wanted to cancel my purchase before they sent them to the lab.  She asked why and I told her they were way too expensive and I could get them for $100 less just about anywhere else.  So she said "If I give you $100 off, do you still want them?" Dead silence on my end for a minute, then "Uhhh Well Yeah!"  Did you know you can bargain for a better price just about anywhere?  These are the times people, I guess we should all do our research....all in all, after discounts I saved around 45% of what the actual sticker price was at think, 2 years ago, I would have been completely ripped off!

Still have a knot in my back, now I need bifocals and I also smell like Bengay, fabulous! And I ordered my "cute" readers to go with my contacts on line at $3.99 with $5.00 shipping, $19.99 at Raleys.......way better deal!

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Chrissy and Jack said...

WOW! That is incredible!