Sunday, January 4, 2009

10 WORST/BEST of 2008

  1. Not having my Dad/Having my Mom and getting closer to my sister
  2. Growing my hair out/Cutting my hair off
  3. Business slowing down/Still having a job
  4. Turning 40/Turning 40
  5. Losing Kathy Taylor to Breast Cancer and Judy battling it once again/Having a reason to run for Breast Cancer's Race for the Cure, and getting motivated
  6. No extra money to go out with/Staying home and relaxing
  7. Watching Stevi grow up/Watching Stevi grow up
  8. Jack moving away/Chrissi letting us see Jack whenever possible
  9. Becoming the couple that never goes out/ Jay's sobriety
  10. Taking in a 3rd Weenie that needed a home/Despite his issues, he is kind of sweet

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Chrissy and Jack said...

We will take Dyna if that will make things easier. =D