Monday, January 19, 2009

Good for the Family

Last week we did it twice, a lot of complaining, but oh-well.  After dinner on Thursday, we wanted to go to the store for a soda and a chocolate bar.  So we walked, down hill a mile and back home uphill a mile.  Then yesterday, Stevi wanted to go to the library and we wanted to go to Blockbuster and exchange our movies, so we walked, a mile and a half downhill and uphill a mile and a half.  Of course Jay complained the whole time, but from now on I think instead of just jumping in the car, if we can either walk or ride our bikes instead of wasting gas.  Plus it is free exercise.  It is January in Reno, and we are able to walk in the late afternoon.  That is awesome, for now.  The kids can't snowboard and in the summer, we will probably be in a crazy drought.  But for now, wow, great weather, 50's in the days.  So hey, get out and hoof it!


Mom said...

And then a two hour hike with the dogs on Sunday including the killer climb behind the pits. I am feeling my legs today!

Chrissy and Jack said...

I'm tired just reading about it!