Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Broken hearts are never easy.....especially for the Mom......

The boy that will always be there.....
 Seeing your daughter with a broken heart is never easy.  Especially when she climbs in your lap sobbing over a boy she finally let herself like.

As a teenage girl, (yes I was one once)  there is always that boy you have the strongest feelings for, but you know you can never have him.  There is the first love who inevitably breaks your heart to the point you feel you may actually die.  Then there are the best friend guys who are always there to pick up the pieces and drop everything to make sure you are okay.  There is the bad boy, the sweetheart, the romancer, the player, the non commiter, the hot guy, the funny guy and the guy who no matter what just flirts with any girl that walks by.  In between those guys are the guys who stand by in the distance and just watch everything unfold.

As a young girl, you don't know who you are going to end up falling for.  After the first real broken heart, I told her she can't live her life being scared of being hurt.  She has had many guys talk to her, even at the same time but once she decides who to let her heart open up to, she has a huge heart and she opens it wide.  When things seem to be going great and then they come to a screeching halt it's like getting hit in the chest with a baseball bat.
Isn't this the truth.
I knew something was wrong with her last night.  I can always tell, but I never expected her to come out of her room full speed ahead broken like she did.  It killed me, made me cry, I could see the anguish in her face, in her eyes.  It ripped my heart out of my chest as if I were in a horror movie and a monster just punched through me and ripped it out.  After she calmed down a bit, I told her that if it was truly meant to be it would have happened.  Of course with Facebook and the way kids post these days as soon as she put something out there that she was hurting, her phone started blowing up.  I told her to see if a couple of her special friends that are always there for her were up.  I didn't know what to do, obviously I wanted to fix it but when Mom's jump in, it always creates a bigger mess.
If it could only be this easy
She has a couple of friends in her phone that have special nicknames......they are always there for her, she can cry on their shoulders and make her laugh, or at least smile.  She has poured her heart out to me before and someday, when the right boy is ready for her.....he will love her for all she has to offer.  I like the kid she is crying over, don't get me wrong, but he has strung her along on and off for quite awhile.  As soon as she gives up, he comes back full force.  He just can't get to the stage of full commitment.  She is ready for a real relationship.  The boys she is really interested in seem to not be ready for the full commitment.  Trying to tell her that the right boy will be there no matter what and not string her along is so hard to explain.  She knows he's out there, but sometimes it's hard to wait and you need to live your life to the fullest.  This heartbreak will mend, then there will probably be another or two before the boy meant for her, who she can connect with completely and love him regardless of his faults and imperfections , and he will love her the same way, be able to be his best friend as well as his girlfriend.  There is a boy who will make her feel complete, and if he does let her down, he will fix it right away and hold onto her with all his might.  I know he's out there, she probably already knows him.......he just needs to get everything out of his may take awhile.  Until then, every other boy is a learning experience.

My heart hurts......

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