Saturday, April 28, 2012

In life you meet people you like everyday, sometimes you just don't know it....

A few years ago, a client and great friend of mine got married and I went up to Tahoe for the bachelorette party.  It was a pretty mellow but fun night and I met a friend of hers that weekend.  We became Facebook friends and she's one of those people who would run into you in Walmart or somewhere and always say "Hi" and she always remembered who you were and would ask how you were etc.  

We comment and "Like" each others things on Facebook , have discussed some parenting issues lightly as we both have children and are both married and for the most part, a lot alike.  Her son recently became a client of mine and I just adore him.  He is one of those genuinely nice, sweet kids that you like instantly.  Like his mother.  

Yesterday Stevi went to watch him and the SSHS Lacrosse game, he invited her to help her take her mind off of her recent broken heart and she and a friend went.  His parents brought the girls home and after the 4 of us parents stood outside in the cold grass chatting for awhile in the dark, while the kids were inside, we invited them in, it ended up being 11:30 before they left because they seemed like just old friends to us as we chatted away.

Jay and her husband had a lot in common and after they left he said..."I REALLY like that guy, I just can't believe like that is a Bronco's fan, jokingly."  A budding Bromance in the making. 

We both agreed that they are a couple we would enjoy going to dinner with or an occasional night out.  When you have children and are married, sometimes it's hard to find couples that just click like that and I hope that because our kids decided to hang out, it will lead to a further friendship amongst our families.  It was really nice and Jay and I both hope to hang out with them again.........they really are great people and even though now a days it seems a solid family core is against the norm......apparently it's not and of all places to meet someone you could eventually call a friend.....not just a Facebook friend.....we met at a Bachelorette party and neither one of us really go out like that.  Who knew.........Nice to meet you both Ward and of Facebook.  Let's do it again sometime!

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Liz said...

That's great! If you think you have a hard time making friends, you should be me for a week. It would help if I left the house once in a while. :) All my best friends live in my computer.