Friday, April 20, 2012

Antibiotic feeding tubes please.......

I feel as if our family needs an  intravenous IV tube of antibiotics.  Stevi is actually going to school today, second attempt this week.  I had to be at work at 5 yesterday so thankfully I was done by 1 and came home to bed to sleep.  Nausea , diarrhea , headache, body aches.  With as sick as Stevi has been, I'm never sure if she just has a bug or it's related to all the chaos her body has been through.  It's a bug, now it's my turn.  Jay feels great, he is finally on antibiotics for his sinus infection.  Yesterday my girlfriend Stacy called me to ask if  Stevi or I had gotten food poisoning from our lunch on Sunday because CJ has been sick all week.  Looks like it's just going around.  I feel a bit better today and I don't have a fever but the other end still has quite a bit of activity.  So now is when I send the warning text out to my clients today that I may be ill, and let them decide how badly they need their hair done.  I can hang.......will they?

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