Friday, April 13, 2012

Where do I start......

 I have not had a single chance until now to blog, the only reason I now have a few moments is  because I had planned on being in Tacoma at this very moment holding Stella in my arms.  We drove around 200 miles before we had to turn around up near Lassen, even following the snow plow we were spinning wheels and driving sideways and backwards.  When I had it in the lowest gear possible and we were only moving sideways I knew it was time to turn around.  That was fun. Took me around 20 minutes because my car did not want to go anywhere.  So 5 hours later we are back home.  I'm really sad because I really wanted to be there with Stella, Lilly and Ryan this weekend, but for some reason, it just wasn't meant to be.  Another time, hopefully before they come up for Jayson and Guoda's wedding in June.

 Stevi had her Endoscopy on Monday and she thankfully does not have Celiacs Disease, her stomach has an infection and is inflamed due to bacterium in her system, very likely caused by the mold in the other house.  This can be treated with antibiotics and steroids and her allergies have pretty much quit as well.  It's amazing that black mold spore can cause so many issues, I have never dealt with it before this and never, EVER, want to have to deal with it again.  Stevi has turned back into her normal self, Jay still have a severe sinus infection that he will have to go to Urgent Care for tomorrow since he has been working so many hours and I not longer am coughing up jellyfish farms and I don't have laryingitis anymore!

I have also discovered that I have an eye for antiques that have some value to them, where I get that from I don't know, nobody else in my family is into antiques but I have found a couple of items I will hold onto and just let them increase in value until I am bored with them, then I'll sell them.

The family came over for Easter and Sage and Willow had so much fun with everyone, Stevi had them over again just to have a cousin hang out day without adults.  It was very successful, they told Liz they had Crush and Pop Tarts for lunch, which normally would not be okay but since it was with cool cousin Stevi, she let it slide.

Lilly gave birth to a perfectly beautiful girl named Stella Maylene.  She was born March 23rd at 7:59 am weighing in at 7lbs 14oz.  I will see her as soon as this fabulous spring storm clears up!  I miss my Lillybug and can't wait to meet Stella. For now after gripping my steering wheel until I built up caulouses, I came home and vacuumed and dusted, I am going to sit and enjoy a glass of red wine, because I am not going ANYWHERE!


Elaine said...

So sorry that you didn't get to visit the baby, but I'm so happy that you are home safe and sound!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are safe and sound and especially that Stevi is better, If the bacteria you are referring to is Helicobacter pylori- it did not come from black mold- only eating out. The black mold causes allergies indeed! Glad you are away from it