Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Busy Busy Busy.........

 Things are coming along slowly.  We got our couch delivered on Sunday during the time we were having our garage sale....we had to be here anyways so I thought, "What the heck, why not try to sell stuff we either don't like anymore, need anymore or want anymore."  People buy the weirdest things, the stuff you think you will end up throwing away or donating, they buy.  I guess it's true, one mans garbage is another mans treasure.

Jay is finally over his sinus infection.  Now it is my turn.  Thankfully the Dr. gave him an extra refill just in case.  I haven't needed antibiotics in around 15 years or more, so I don't think it will hurt me only help me, since my whole head is pounding from my top teeth up.  My teeth started hurting around a week ago and I am living on decongestants that don't seem to be working other than making me feel as if I am living in a fog and everything tastes weird and smells weird.  I called his refill into Raley's and I will pick it up and start taking it tonight.  I just can't keep living and working like this......it's exhausting.

Stevi went to her first prom with her friend Cole.  They were absolutely adorable.  I know she had fun since she didn't make it to bed until 6 am.  Daddy had to pick her up at 8 in the morning and then she spent all day Sunday sleeping.  I remember those days.   I would just die right now...(unless it was Black Friday, then adrenaline takes over.)

 My sister used to do theatre and dance and it's something I have always been interested in.  The upcoming season for Bruka has open auditions in September.  I haven't told Jay and Stevi yet, but I think I may audition.  I always do, do , do for everyone else and it's okay to do for yourself.  If I audition and they say no...no biggie, if they say yes......I guess my schedule will get packed with a bit more!  I am going to see the last 3 plays this season and I will bring Jay and Stevi.  Stevi has thought of it as well, so has my Mom.  My Mom did a lot of theatre when she was young and attended American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC so I guess it would only naturally be in our blood.  You never know until you try, so why not?  Bruka is very edgy and mature, yet quirky with it's shows, right up my ally.   What's the worse that can happen? I make someone laugh ? I make someone cry?  I do that everyday.......piece of cake!

So for today, I will water the lawn (section by section since the sprinkler system is a mess, ) head to Walmart and Raley's for shopping, register Jay's motorcycle, and put in a change of address at DMV, do laundry, clean up dog poop, vacuum and wash the broiler pan in the sink, go to Stevi's softball game at Reno and unpack a few more boxes , run to the bank and make a deposit, head to Office Depot and get printer ink and finish printing my taxes so I have a hard copy.... you know, take it easy........have a great day, I will be relaxing.....

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Liz said...

OMG! You should absolutely audition for Bruka! You will love working with them and they will love you. I truly hope you do and I get to come see YOU perform! It will be so much fun!