Tuesday, June 26, 2012

AND SHE'S OFF..............!!!

 Busy week for Stevi.  She returned home from San Diego and her first day home, got herself into a bit of trouble.  Lost her phone and all summer privileges until she has paid her dues.  Earned the hard way.  $250 to be exact.  Her summer went from hanging with her friends  and sleeping in, to getting up with Mommy and going to work so she is not left alone with friends, and losing her phone.  I told her the only way to get her phone and privileges back is to earn them by getting a job.  No hands outs.  
 Today she started her first job at Pizza Reno, downtown.  As of now she is training and working 1-5, although today she worked an extra hour and she is also receiving tips.  She also finally got her drivers permit after 3 tries and went from a teenager going into her sophomore year to a young adult who now can drive (supervised), has a job, and is a Junior Cheer Coach for SYFL.  When you have more responsibilities, you tend to be more responsible.  I watched her grow up in a day.  I almost cried as they were taking her permit picture and as we drove down Kietzke Ln. in lunch traffic. (That was because I was scared to death!)
Her new boss Bob is amazing.  For those of you who have been in Reno for years,  he used to own the ShyClown, now Baldini's.  Great guy and very patient.  Been married 50 years with kids and grandchildren, trying to be retired......working more I'm sure than he has ever had to.  Sitting and waiting for Stevi, I watched a few young regulars come in and he knew them all by name and chatted away with them, serving them their usuals.  A small town feeling, with the comfort of knowing everyone.  For those of you that have never been to Pizza Reno, gourmet pizza, delicious and great service.  And an adorable girl making it for you and bringing it right to your table.  

Stevi will be decorating wine glasses for the upcoming wine walk which is the 3rd Saturday of every month.  Give the small businesses a chance and buy your glass there.  Also, he is looking for a girl bartender for evenings around UNR age, young 20's.  It is a young person hang out and atmosphere.  Check it out! 

PS.  The Baja Chicken Pizza is AMAZING!

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Liz said...

Good for her! I'm proud of her. We will have to go see her at her work. :)