Friday, June 15, 2012

For my Friend..............

We bare the shame and hide our pain
hoping it will go away
unwilling to share
we hold it all
we love so much we take the fall.

We gave them life
and love them through
the worry and pain 
if they only knew.

Sleepless nights 
as tears will fall
we would take it from them
big or small.

We see them always 
as they are
our precious angels
our shining star.

They break our heart
as they grow
its hurts so much
to let them go.

So with all our might
we hold them near
and hope to God
that they can hear.

We'd give our lives
to keep them pure
but nothing in
this life is sure.

For now we hold them
in our arms
and love them completely
through Devil's charms.

We are their mothers
forever will be
and hope some day
the light they will see.

by Lisa Lynch for my friend........

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