Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Walk it off............

 What's normal for me?  Go Go Go. Run. Cross Fit, Boot camp, Hiking and 5-10 mile walks around the block.  Since I broke my ankle doing Cross Fit back on December 6th, my body has taken a beating.
 My Cross Fit days seem to be over, I can't do anymore extreme hiking, or running and I may have re-broken my ankle.  Yes it was Guoda's Bachelorette Party , but sadly, it was because I so desperately wanted to be cute again and wear heals, that I bought a pair of platforms so I could wear a certain pair of jeans, and I rolled my ankle walking in Silver Peak to the bathroom.......BEFORE DRINKS!
Of course, Bubba didn't want to ruin her future Daughter-in-Law's Bachelorette Party, so she continued on as if she was okay.  That was around 9 pm and Thankfully the evening came to a crashing halt by midnight.  Yes, I kept my shoes on, yes I danced on it and yes I am back in my boot.

This is Jay's last week at work, I can't take any time off of work, I don't have paid leave and I am scared I possibly did more damage and may require some mending or rest.

I have the boot, and the pump and Advil, so as my Mom would say......"Walk it off!"  and I am........

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Elaine said...

Walk it off, Bubba! Really, I'm so sorry this happened. I know how much you were looking forward to our weekly hikes. It is what it is. Some periods in our lives are better than others. Unfortunately this has been a long bad period for you. It will change and get so much better. I promise!