Thursday, June 14, 2012

Should I stay or should I go?

 We finally decided that we are taking a weeks vacation.  From August 5-12.  No phones, no texting (business) and just being a family.  We haven't had a vacation other than a weekend here and there since 2005.  Now the money dilemma.  With Jayson's upcoming wedding and Stevi on the verge of driving, it's an issue.  Do we take a vacation or a staycation?  If we decide to stay at home, can we truly be on vacation?  Away from everyday life?  I found a cabin to rent in Bucks Lake for under $1000 a week, but then there is gas, food, other vacation expenditures so probably $2000 by the end.  Or we can stay home and save a lot of money and pretend we are here on vacation.  Can it be done?  We could go to Tahoe, Pyramid, Wild Waters, Six Flaggs, Truckee River, River Walk, GSR, Peppermill, Atlantis Day Spa, Genoa Hot Springs, Virginia City, Hot August Nights, Reno Tahoe Open.  We live in an area that is prone to tourism.  If you were on vacation here........What would you do and where would you go?


Liz said...

I would go camp at Boca Springs campground for a week. But... I like to camp and cook over an open fire and sleep on the ground.

Give Joy Calendar said...

Have you ever thought about doing the trading places for a weekend with another family? I personally have never done it but I know there websites that can connect you with another family. Just a thought... other wise there are so many places to go camping and hiking local to this area.