Monday, April 21, 2008


Today is my early day....I start work at 6 so I am up by around 4-4:30.  Being  that I only allow myself one cup of coffee in the morning now, these days I cherish it.  I bring my laptop to work so I can blog, pay bills, emails etc.  So this morning at the early time of around 5;40 I was out the door and driving to work with my cup of coffee and my laptop on the seat beside me.  Happy Day.  WELL,  the laptop started to make the seat belt reminder go off because my 50lb. purse was sitting in the seat also and because it is Monday, and early, and I haven't finished my cup of coffee..which is on the console because of course the cup holder is for my sunglasses.......I grab the laptop to move it to the back seat and hit my coffee cup and dump it in my lap, all over my cream sweater and it is running between my legs while I am driving, I mean swerving and I just had to burst out laughing because I now know I will have a stain on my jeans all day that will look like I wet my pants.  As usual, I have no time to change, I work until 1, have a pedicure at 1:30 which will last until 2:30, have to pick Stevi up at 3 to get her to her private dance lesson by 3:30, go grab her something to eat, she has a pedicure at 4:15 which will last until 5:15, then back for her ballet lesson.  During that I will go take my pump class (I guess I will just keep my nasty sweats on afterwards)  then, back to the studio to pick Stevi up and off the Renown to visit my dear friend Kathy who had a heart attack and will be in the hospital for awhile, I think she gets her defibrillator put in this morning.  Then back home to try to finish the last 3 blocks of Willows quilt that I worked on all day yesterday..........and then I will start over on Tuesday.


Mom said...

Well! Happy Monday to you! At least it sounds like you are taking it with good humor. (No, dear, I didn't mean ice cream.)

madre adoptiva said...

Sometimes the only thing you can do is laugh. :)