Saturday, April 12, 2008

Moving Slow......

Jays surgery took twice as long as they expected it to take and his recovery was expected to be an hour to an hour and a half afterwards but it took him around 4 hours before they wheeled him into his room.  I was exhausted from waiting and worrying but when I saw him it was not a relief.  Not only was he pure white, but when they lifted the blanket off of him for a second, the bed was full of blood.  Not encouraging.  I had to work 12 hours the next day which was really hard but the time flew by, I got to the hospital with Stevi and my mom around 6:30 and he looked almost normal (in extreme pain, but almost normal) again.  Stevi and I stayed with him until around 9 and then came home.  This morning I dropped Stevi off at her friends house up in Sommerset to go over some dances they are doing at recital and competition, and it was back at the hospital for me.  The nurse came in and gave him some medication and told him he needed to get up and walk but he didn't want to, so being the sweet, kind and caring wife that I am, (as you all know)  I took his pee container away, and yes that meant he had to get up and WALK to the bathroom.  That went OK, but then I told him he stunk so he sat up and I made sure he bathed, which made him feel alot better. ( Imagine that!)  Time to brush his teeth, back to that bathroom, that's right walk......he actually started to feel better and even washed his hair in the sink.  Now he is getting up every once in awhile and walking and I also told the kitchen no more soda, only water or milk for him.  He loves me.  When I went to pick up Stevi and brought her back, he was passed out.  I guess I wore him out which is good as he hasn't been sleeping.  So we left early tonight, 6:30 and  will be back in the morning, who needs a physical therapist when he's married to me?  He will thank me later I am sure, as for now, Stevi and I are going to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks and pass out ourselves!!!  Goodnight!!

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