Sunday, April 27, 2008

Kites, Dice and Harleys, What a weekend!!!!

My Weekend started wonderful and ended wonderful...It started with my beautiful, and smart, 4 year old niece Willows birthday at Rancho San Rafael for a kite flying party. I haven't flown a kite for close to 30 years and it was so much fun. Of course with the amount of wind we get in Reno, wouldn't you know that the day was absolutely gorgeous, no wind, the only wind we were getting was from running with the kite, every now and then, a good gust would come.........and go. It was still so much fun to be there with everyone flying kites and watching the little angels run and play, as free as the wind itself. Sage who is Willows fearless sister and will not be 2 until August, just wandered around, by herself, and someone would have to round her up, she was just having a great old time. Liz, my sister, madreadoptiva, made a delicious kite cake, pictured above, it was fun yummy and sunny all morning!! Next was Bunko at 6pm (always the 4th Saturday of the month) it was Jay's mom Michele's turn to host, so she borrowed my house, since she lives in Ferntucky (Fernley). Her theme was 50's and it was a blast! We had pineapple upside down cake, koolaide, Shepard's pie, meatloaf, tuna casserole, chex mix, peanut butter cookies, jello cake, 3 bean salad, Chinese take-out, oh and wine of course.  Bunko went fast because there were so many Bunko's, Stevi got 5 Bunko's and 3 were in a row, she walked away with the most money, $60 and she is only 11!!  Pam and Heidi both got a Bunko at the same time so they had to have a hula hoop contest to see who gets to hold the Big Fuzzy Dice........Heidi rocked and rolled, and well if you look at the picture, you can see how Pam did!! Sunday I helped my friend J.D. train two new road captains for our hog chapter, at Carson-Tahoe Harley Davidson.  The trainees were Rick and Jerry and they led us on a 7 hour ride from the dealership in Carson, on highway 50 to highway 95 into Yerington, where I was serenaded by an old man with 3 teeth ( no they weren't all together) in the Texaco station, the song was something like......"She looks dirty on her Harley with a refer hanging from her mouth"  Oh yeah it was love for me, between him and 74 year old Bill Dixon hitting on me (Jay wasn't there to protect me from the wolves because of his knee) I think I've met my quota for being hit on for the the next year or so.....then we went through Wilson's Canyon on some awesome curves and up into Sweetwater Summit which was new to me, it was beautiful, we then made it into Bridgeport to eat at Rhino's (where my boyfriend Bill Dixon spoiled me by buying me a t-shirt).  From there I led the group back, so Rick and Jerry could get in a sweep into Topaz.  We were going to stop and see our friend Kathy, in Gardnerville, but she was out and about, which is good since she just got out of the hospital on Wednesday!  Into Gardnerville, everyone was peeling off, which was fun for me, I stopped to say goodbye to Rick and Johnna and had to play catch up to catch the group riding back to Reno.  That means I got to go really fast.  I once had a friend who we ride with say..."Boy she doesn't let any grass grow under it does she!"  I liked to hear that. (sorry mom).  But now I am home safe and sound and I only ate I bug!!! Yay.  Hope your weekend was as fun as mine was!

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Mom said...

So, what is really fast? I really don't like to hear about you going really fast.How was lunch at Rhino's? Bunco was fun.